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Update on Coke from Dr. William Swann

The following is written by Dr. William Swann who led the way in starting this effort to get Coke out of politics and to recognize our common Heritage. We hope that all will take a few minutes and read his comments.

They are very much on the mark, and he is correct that the success to date is your success. He is also correct that Coke has taken the attitude of just dismissing us as a bunch of yahoo's. Of course you know that anybody that happens to think anything positive about Southern Heritage is a yahoo. That even includes the inventor of Coke and virtually the whole company up until political correctness set in a few years ago.

Geeze - how stupid can a company be??? Call their very successful founders yahoo's!

Anyway ya'll have already proven them wrong. Two years after they stated we would have faded away the effort is still growing.

In return for Coke once again ignoring us, send them a present. See if you can get one extra person every month to sign the petition or visit the web site. And of course don't buy Coke Products.

The petition is at:

The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out  of Politics Petition

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The Great Coca-Cola Conspiracy


Southern Patriots where ever you may be located, since Southern Patriotism is much more a state of heart than physical location, I come forward now to report on the status of our Coca-Cola Boycott.

We are having enormous effects on Coca-Cola�s bottom line. Coca-Cola sales in North America are at their lowest point since the 1960�s. Coca-Cola Enterprises the sales arm for actual Coca-Cola Products in the much of the United States is showing their 5th consecutive quarter of either flat or decreased sales of Coca-Cola Syrup.

Which makes the following all the more difficult to understand. Since the inception of our boycott of Coca-Cola the only correspondence we have received from them are form letters and the one letter from the lowly Coca-Cola Flunky who suggested we had neither the numbers nor the will power to successfully boycott anything.

Since the Boycott has lasted more than 2 years and continues to add new boycotters daily, it is possible that Coca-Cola might have been wrong on both counts.

The only problem is that we can�t seem to get any recognition, or even acknowledgement that we are conducting a boycott from any News papers or business coverage of any kind. That is why my title suggests a conspiracy. Today�s Atlanta Journal Constitution has still another article about the ongoing difficulties at the Coca-Cola world Headquarters. It mentions the continuing decrease in sales in North America, but the author of the article, Scott Leith, refuses to even mention that our boycott might be having any effect.

I have been in regular contact with Mr. Leith since our boycott began in 2002. Scott�s last email to me informed me that he didn�t believe our boycott, nor our movement, was large enough to "Substantially effect" the sales of Coca-Cola products. Once again we are told we are too few, at least Scott didn�t suggest we are too dumb to maintain a boycott.

Through the good graces of the folks at, I had the home addresses of both Mr. Isdell new CEO of Coca-Cola and John Alm the CEO of Coca-Cola enterprises. I wrote both men certified letters and both received them at their home addresses and neither bothered replying, not even a form letter. I don�t know about the rest of you, but I purely hate being ignored. Apparently they still believe that if they don�t recognize us we will disappear, or just go away. As usual, they are wrong again. We are not only not going away, but in January of 2005 it is our present intention to buy some ads on small rural radio stations and informing the public not exposed to our excellent Southern Heritage news delivery system, of the very anti-Southern activities engaged in by the Coca-Cola Corporation.

Mike Crane VP of the Southern Party of Georgia has some additional surprises in store for our friends at Coca-Cola starting in January of 2005, and he is currently sending the Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Enterprises board of director�s monthly mailings about our ongoing boycott.

Most of the time a boycott is purely defensive measure. Everyone can participate because it doesn�t cost anything to not to purchase a company�s product. I mentioned we would like to start running ads on small rural radio stations and also in some of the weekly Newspapers that are scattered throughout the South. Since we are coming up on the Christmas season, it isn�t a huge secret that money is tight. It is also true that every Southern Heritage group is out trying to raise money right now. Most of us have a little spare money but with all the good causes which one should you or I contribute to? Honestly, I don�t have an answer to my own question. It requires the Wisdom of Solomon to know where our money can do the most good. My wife frequently points out I don�t possess such wisdom, sadly she is correct.

What I�d ask you to consider is you as individuals or groups to consider purchasing the local ads yourself. We will have ad copy and radio tapes for you to use in running these ads. This would also accomplish something else. In the back of our minds we always have the fear that someone may not be on the up and up. Even in organization (outside the Southern Heritage movement, admittedly) where the money is used properly there are often "administrative cost" and other such accounting practices, all of which may be totally legitimate, but none the less take away from what you contribute your hard earned money for.

The other thing that happens is that if you buy the ads locally, you see the results of your efforts in person. I know that certainly motivates me, and I hope it does Southern Patriots everywhere. For now, unless someone wins the lottery, we have to avoid the Daily papers and larger radio stations, they are just too costly. However; if you want to pay to run ads in such markets, you certainly would have our blessings.

We envision starting this program in January, only to allow folks to use their money for Christmas for their families. We certainly encourage couples to give each other ad time for presents, thought I should tell you men if your wife is expecting diamond earrings I wouldn�t� suggest her opening a box with a note telling her you bought her 10 local radio spots for the Southern Cause. Such things have led to killings, and if there were any women on the jury they would surely call your death justifiable homicide.

That concludes our current efforts on the Coca-Cola boycott. Our future success like our previous success depends totally on you. Remind friends and loved ones not to buy or drink Coca-Cola Products during the holidays, and encourage everyone to sign the on-line boycott Coke Petition.

In the service of GOD and Preserving our GODLY Southern Heritage, I remain,

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. William H. Swann




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