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Coke 2nd Quarter Results confirm impact of Boycott

Coke has worked very hard to present a favorable image of their most recent 2nd quarter financial reports. But despite their own admission of double digit increases in efforts to market their products in North American the results are flat.

Just a couple months ago we acknowledged their willingness to literally spend millions of dollars to over come the effects of our boycott. We also predicted that we could add one former customer for every new customer they gain. This prediction is turning out to be correct.

In Coke's own words:

North America

  Percent Change
From Prior Year
Unit Case Volume 1% 1%
Net Revenues 1% Even
Operating Income (7%) (9%)

That is copied right out of their financial report ( Also quoting from their financial report:

Operating income in the quarter was negatively impacted by the planned double-digit increase in marketing expense and higher raw material and freight costs.

Of course anyone who has passed Marketing 101 understands that "former" customers buy less products than current customers! Coke knows this, the financial "talking heads" know this and you the citizens who are fed up with Coke using your money to further political correctness and desecrate your Heritage know this.

As a previous life long Coke drinker - the early days of this boycott were hard. But every time Coke has failed to even admit their own lies - documented by public records in Georgia it became easier. Coke can use your money to buy unholy influence on your government - if you are willing to let them.

They have not been using my money for almost three years and will not get another cent until they make amends.

I wonder how the Coke "mis-management" team feel in their fancy board room knowing that their millions of dollars (double digit increase in marketing expense) is being canceled by what they publicly called - "unorganized rednecks!"

Apparently there are more of us than they realized. Take a look at their stock performance for the last three years:

boycott coke stock chart

This is a chart of Coke (KO) stock performance compared to the DOW and their main competitor - Pepsi (PEP). Notice how as time moves forward they fall further below both the DOW and Pepsi.

Folks - that is how much the Coke mis-management team politically correct agenda means to them. They have shown utter disregard for you, but at the same time they are showing disregard for their fiduciary duties to their stockholders.

So congratulations to all of you "unorganized rednecks" as Coke called you. You have defeated Cokes double digit increase in marketing expense for North America. After all that is what we care about, we just happen to live in part of what they call North America. The country that founded Coke and made it into one of the world's largest corporations is now just part of "North America" to them.

They are still spending millions of dollars, so keep on passing the word. Besides we have a new twist coming where you can help pass the word on to Coke stockholders. I imagine many stockholders are not going to be happy.

The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out  of Politics Petition

Pass the word on to others and let them join the "unorganized rednecks!"

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  From March of 2004, Coke wins another "Duh!" Award



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