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Boycott Scalla-Cola ... er

Athens-area Georgia League of the South Joins Boycott Scalla-Cola

"For decades 'Coke' was synonymous with 'cola' in Georgia, representing the pride the citizens of this state had in that prosperous product from right here at home. One did not ask for a cola or a soft drink and certainly not a Pepsi, but simply said, 'Please bring me a Coke.'  

Now all that has changed. After Coca-Cola's scalawag support of Roy Barnes and his cohorts in ramming through a change of Georgia's true and honorable flag bearing the Cross of St. Andrew, after Coca-Cola's support of those same corrupt politicians in the 2002 elections and after Coca-Cola's continued attempts to block the opportunity of the people of the State of Georgia to finally have a vote on their flag, Coca-Cola is now synonymous not with a refreshing drink, but with greed, betrayal and deceit. These things are not acceptable to the Southern palate. 

Coca-Cola must immediately cease and desist any efforts to aid the campaign of cultural genocide against the traditional South. Until such a time comes upon us in which Coca-Cola has rectified its behavior, the members of the Athens-area Georgia League of the South will boycott all products from that company at official functions as well as at informal gatherings and at home, and we will endeavor to spread the message far and wide that Coca-Cola is no friend of the South."


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