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Boycott Scalla-Cola ... er

Clarke County Southern Party of Georgia Joins Boycott Scalla-Cola

"Once a simple pleasure whose own name meant the choice for Georgians seeking refreshment, Coke has now become politically-charged in a very negative fashion. 

Because of Coca-Cola's support for Roy Barnes and his fellow ham-fisted political tyrants who changed the true Georgia State Flag-- the one honoring state's rights and the sacrifice of thousands of the sons and daughters of Georgia in the war against Lincoln's Invasion-- to the version with the infamous yellow streak, the soft drink leviathan has shown that it cares naught for the heritage of Georgians nor for good government. 

Coca-Cola owes all Georgians an apology for its treachery. Until that is forthcoming, the Clarke County Southern Party members will refuse to purchase Coca-Cola products for use at their functions, at their homes or anywhere else, and we will lobby for others to boycott those products also."


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