Dixie Rising endorses Boycott Scalla Cola ... er Coke

Reading the recent material on Coke started with great sadness and slowly turned to anger. My whole life I have purchased and consumed Coke products. I grew up calling all soft drinks a Coke and would even complain if forced to drink another brand. Up until this last week I don't think that I had ever purchased another brand if Coke was available.

But now I find that Coke has publicly called me names. I find that Coke has taken some portion of the money that I have spent over my lifetime and used it to "buy" votes to steal Our Flag in Georgia.

Unable to believe to such information, even though printed in the media I decided to check it out. Sure enough, the Truth was easy to find. On the State of Georgia's Division of Elections web-site are the campaign reports reports filed by the Georgia Business PAC. Yes, Coke did commit to providing re-election funds for anyone who would vote to steal Our Flag. Yes, Coke did make those funds available. Yes, the funds from Coke (our money) was given  directly to the campaign funds of only TurnCoats, in reward for their purchased vote.

Corrupt, biased and anti-Southern.

Now stop a minute and think about the Heritage of Coke. It was invented by a Confederate Veteran. A quick check of the historical information on the Coke web-site just confirmed their growing political correctness. Mr. Pemberton is no longer listed as a Confederate soldier.

I sent an inquiry to Coke about their removal of "Confederate". They responded saying that they did not have any biographical information. They Lied!

Next sent a question about why they made political commitments and contributions for votes to steal our Flag. They said they didnt, but the facts are a matter of public record in the Georgia Business PAC campaign disclosure reports. They Lied!

I will not buy another Coke product until Our Flag Flies again in Georgia and they make restitution for their abuse of the political system.

On December 4, at about 8:00 PM, I went in a store to buy a "softdrink". There was an ample selection and for the first time in my life I  bought a Pepsi! I saved the bottle, it is being shipped to the CEO with copy of the cover letter to each member of the Board of Directors.

I urge you to do the same.

Mike Crane

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