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January 18, 2003

The Coca-Cola Company, based out of Atlanta, worked behind the scenes to support the scalawags who took the real flag from the good people of Georgia. As a result, the SouthronSentinel joins other Southern organizations in their boycott of Scala-Cola. Read all of the details of this boycott, as well as documentation of Coke's duplicity in the matter here . If we are going to put a stop to the corporations supporting our enemies, and attacking our flagsand symbols, we must hit them where it their wallets. When the NAACP threatens a boycott, the companies cave in. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that theyhave the media backing them. However, we need to be able to show those companies that we can hurt them as well. In order to do this, we must stand together in these boycotts. Aneffective boycott is only successful with sufficient numbers of patriots backing it. Stand with this boycott and show Coke that, although they are a big company, their Southern consumerscan affect their bottom line...what they care about the most! 

Jeff Melton
Editor, Southron Sentinel
State Chairman, Southern Party of North Carolina

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