January 17, 2003

In our most recent issue The Truth Newspaper features two articles on Coke. One on their corrupt vote buying in Georgia. The second was an alarming article concerning the history of this same company during WWII. Sadly, not only has Coke been willing to sell Southern Heritage for dollars, they were willing (and DID) sell American Heritage for Nazi dollars.

I urge you to read these articles in the Truth Newspaper, along with the material on the Boycott Coke web-site ( http://www.boycottcoke.org ) and then see if Coke products taste the same.

This company comes from great roots, at one time was an outstanding, principled example of what was good about the South and America. Today, is sadly an example of greed and corruption run amok. Of political correctness and worship of the dollar. It no longer is deserving of the support of the American or Southern people from which its prosperity was derived.

The Truth Newspaper endorses the Boycott Coke effort and encourages you to do the same.


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