I am sure that you are aware of the results of the election in our neighboring State of Georgia. While the pundits, liberal media and political experts said that Barnes was undefeatable, these folks just kept working. In reality the Georgia election was a tremendous step forward.

The first ever Southern Party candidates to achieve ballot access, 22,000 Let Us Vote signs, 5,000 Boot Barnes yard signs, 900 Project Wave Flags and countless flaggings. The results speak for themselves; Barnes was dethroned and 37 House & Senate TurnCoats out of office in one election!

Now they are moving on to cleaning up the corrupt influence of politically correct corporations. They are right, if we ever want to stop the politically correct bandwagon corporate America needs a Wake Up Call. This problem is just as bad in Tennessee as it is in Georgia.

Their selection of Coke is both strategically and morally right. Coke has desecrated not only Our Heritage but their own as well. They are in a very competitive market with plenty of alternate choices for you to consider and select. It does not cost you a thing to send this message to corporate America.

We are endorsing their effort to do just that. The SIP Tennessee is supporting the Boycott of Coke and urge all of our supporters to do the same. For more information and a list of what you can do to help, click here.

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