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Dear Members:

I received a letter today from the Consumer Affairs department of the Coca Cola Company on behalf of President and CEO Douglas Daft. In the letter they reaffirmed their corporate stance that rewarding legislators who voted to change the flag was "Good for the State of Georgia". They further went on to say that Coca Cola, "Doesn't fear a backlash, because the forces opposed to the flag change are largely unorganized".

For some of you who have no idea what in the heck I'm talking about, there was an article in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution the Sunday before the election. In the article they were discussing how the big corporations in Atlanta stepped up to the plate and gave big to those who voted to change our flag, the sum of $4,000 each was mentioned from the Coca Cola Company. They specifically noted they gave to the Nathan Dean campaign as well as Roy Marble. We voted one of the two out of office, and I wonder if we wouldn't have gotten both had it not been for that $4,000.00 in Mr. Dean's District. For those of you outside Atlanta, $4,000 is huge in a rural campaign. 

So Coca Cola meddled in your local races everywhere there was a contested race with a Flag Changer. That was bad enough, but now to say they don't fear a backlash because we are "Unorganized". These are the same corporate cowards that Jesse Jackson can say boo to, and they'll cough up millions, but the Southern People who have made Coca Cola what it is today can go to hades, Hmm. Don't think so.

I understand that we Southerners are independent and can't and won't be told what to do. We're way to slow to anger, and even slower to act when angered. I'm a big old fat Preacher who loved Diet Coke, and purchased 15 2 liters a week, every week of Coca Cola Products. I have forbidden Coca Cola Products in my house or in my church. I am boycotting the Coca Cola Company. I sincerely hope that as a group, however unorganized we may be, will join me in this effort. We've shown legislators there's a cost to messing with our heritage, it is my feeling that we should now demonstrate to Corporate America they would do well not to meddle in local politics.

When we gather at the Capitol, it would be entirely appropriate to hang a Coca Cola blow up in effigy. 

May GOD restore the Sovereign Confederate States of America

Rev. Bill Swann

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article contributed by Southern Party of Georgia