Scalla-Cola er, ... Coke Lies again & again ...

 It seems that Scalla-Cola, that is The Coca-Cola Company, Inc. believes that if you just repeat a lie enough times, it will be believed.  Apparently Mr. Stafford (letter below) is unable to look up the records of the Georgia Business PAC at the Division of Elections OR is aware of the records and unwilling to admit it. Most like it is the latter. He also refuses to admit what even the AJC (Atlanta Journal & Constitution) printed about the purpose of the Georgia Business PAC, to honor a commitment (before the Flag vote)  that Coke would be there in the election for the TurnCoats.

Several people have also used the form at:

about Coke's support for King Roy's rag. They reply that their PAC's (political action committees) does not take positions on issues not related to the soft-drink industry. But the TRUTH is that Coke contributed at least $15,000 to the Georgia Business PAC for the specific purpose of supporting the TurnCoats who participated in King Roy's corruption.  For details on the Georgia Business Pac, click here. The Georgia Business PAC did NOT support anybody except TurnCoats!

This information can be confirmed from the PAC campaign fund reports from the Georgia Division of elections at:

The TRUTH is that Coke made commitments for campaign funding to entice legislators to steal Our Flag! Coke helped ram the ugliest rag in North America down the throats of Georgians!

Not only is Coke anti-Southern, but it is beginning to look like they are anti-Christian also. Perhaps they should read the Bible and look up the Ten Commandments. 

So when you drink Coke (as I have my whole life up until now), you are supporting the politically correct slander of Southern Heritage, supporting corruption in public office and encouraging corporations to lie to the public about their purchase of influence with elected officials. Looks like we need to do something about this!

This time a written letter from a Scalla-Cola representative, a Connell Stafford follows:

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