Rally 'round the flag money, boys

Everyone's waiting for Oct. 7.

The next deadline for showing campaign finance disclosures is Sept. 30, and the five-day grace period extends it to Oct. 5. But that's a Saturday. So by the following Monday, we'll know how big the Roy Barnes juggernaut is. And whether Sonny Perdue can buy a Cadillac campaign, or must settle for an Escort.

But another group of eyes will be on the Georgia Business PAC.

In 2000, business types went to the governor, insisting that the state flag be changed for the sake of the Final Four and national respectability.

Barnes balked, pointing out the vulnerability of the legislators he'd need to back him. The business types promised they'd be there for those lawmakers in 2002.

And so the Georgia Business PAC was created. Harold Bevis, Delta Air Lines' vice president of public affairs, sits at its head. As of July 1, the group had raised $155,000.

Home Depot and the Mirant Corp. have given $40,000 each. Developer Tom Cousins handed over $30,000. Delta gave $20,000. The Troutman Sanders law firm gave $10,000. Coca-Cola put $15,000 in the pot.

No doubt, much more has been raised in the last three months. That's one thing everyone will be looking at. Phone calls for more money have been made even in the last few weeks -- though no supporter of the new flag was defeated in the primaries or the runoff.

Again as of July 1, the Georgia Business PAC has given out $142,000 to candidates who supported the change. Money has gone to 34 Democrats, and 10 Republicans, as follows:

State Sen. Rooney Bowen (D-Cordele): $4,000
State Sen. Nathan Dean (D-Rockmart): $4,000
State Sen. Doug Haines (D-Athens): $4,000
State Sen. Jack Hill (D-Reidsville): $4,000
State Sen. George Hooks (D-Americus): $4,000
State Sen. Rene Kemp (D-Hinesville) : $4,000
State Sen. Dan Lee (D-LaGrange): $2,000
State Sen. Richard Marable (D-Rome): $4,000
State Sen. Michael Meyer Von Bremen (D-Albany): $2,000
State Sen. Harold Ragan (D-Cairo): $2,000
State Sen. Faye Smith (D-Milledgeville): $4,000
State Sen. Terrell Starr (D-Jonesboro): $2,000
State Sen. Seth Harp (R-Midland): $4,000
State Sen. Bart Ladd (R-Dunwoody): $4,000
State Rep. Terry Johnson (D-Marietta): $4,000
State Rep. Mary Hodges Squires (D-Norcross): $3,000
State Rep. Rene Unterman (R-Loganville): $2,000
State Rep. Kathy Ashe (D-Atlanta): $2,000
State Rep. Mike Barnes (D-Hampton): $4,000
State Rep. Ken Birdsong (D-Gordon): $4,000
State Rep. Tom Bordeaux (D-Savannah): $2,000
State Rep. Hugh Broome (D-Donalsonville): $4,000
State Rep. Gail Buckner (D-Jonesboro): $1,000
State Rep. Mickey Channell (D-Greensboro): $2,000
State Rep. Ron Dodson (D-Lake City): $4,000
State Rep. Gerald Greene (D-Cuthbert): $2,000
State Rep. Michele Henson (D-Stone Mountain): $2,000
State Rep. Newt Hudson (D-Rochelle): $4,000
State Rep. Curtis Jenkins (D-Forsyth): $4,000
State Rep. Jimmy Lord (D-Sandersville): $4,000
State Rep. Nan Orrock (D-Atlanta): $1,000
State Rep. Richard Royal (D-Camilla): $4,000
State Rep. Wallace Sholar (D-Cairo): $4,000
State Rep. Tracy Stallings (D-Carrollton): $4,000
State Rep. Jim Stokes (D-Covington): $4,000
State Rep. State Rep. Doug Teper (D-Atlanta): $1,000
State Rep. Don Wix (D-Mableton): $3,000
State Rep. Brooks Coleman (R-Duluth): $3,000
State Rep. Mack Crawford (R-Zebulon): $4,000
State Rep. Burke Day (R-Tybee Island): $2,000
State Rep. Paul Jennings (R-Atlanta): $4,000
State Rep. Judy Manning (R-Marietta): $2,000
State Rep. Fran Millar (R-Dunwoody): $4,000
State Rep. Don Parsons (R-Marietta): $4,000.

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