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Boycott Scalla-Cola ... er

  Christian Confederate Heritage Celebration 
in Jesup, 15 November features Boycott Coke yard sign

While Scalla Cola ignores the petitions sent to their Board of Directors, the boycott effort continues to grow. Coke has replied to several people with insulting remarks that in effect say, "... ya'll are just rednecks, so we do not care ..." while their product sits on the shelves.

The latest surprise was the Boycott Coke yard sign that appeared on the podium at the Christian Confederate Celebration in Jesup on November 15. Your rebmaster loaded the report on the Southern Party of Georgia web site and did not notice until someone send a reminder.

Thought that ya'll would enjoy the picture again in case you missed it:

Jesup celebtration has boycott coke yard sign

and another one:

Jesup celebtration has boycott coke yard sign

Reference information:

The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out of Politics Petition

Christian Confederate Heritage Celebration in Jesup, 15 November


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