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 No Coke Products at Abbeville Conference

There will be an invitational only meeting on February 22, sponsored by the League of the South in Abbeville, South Carolina. The purpose of this meeting is to further Southern political efforts. This conference will NOT use any Coke products in the refreshments provided.

The topic of Scalla Cola ... er Coke and other Downtown Atlanta Business involvement in Georgia politics will be part of the talk given by Mike Crane of the Southern Party of Georgia.

Coke an internationally recognized soft drink was invented by a Confederate Veteran. During its early years Coke featured Confederate generals such as Stonewall Jackson in its ads. But today Coke has become obsessed with political correctness. Using YOUR MONEY Coke has joined the politically correct crowd in their efforts to slander and discredit Southern History and Heritage. 

Just as Coke has turned its back on you, we encourage you to turn your back on Coke. Discontinue the purchase of Coke products until this company gives up its obsession with political correctness, discontinues using your money to buy political influence and returns its focus to providing soft drink products.

Since Coke directly intervened and used your money to join the now dethroned Roy Barnes in his corrupt effort to Steal the State Flag of Georgia, this effort will continue until Our Flag flies again in Georgia. Please join us.

For more information on the Abbeville Conference, click here.

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