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Boycott Scalla-Cola ... er


Coke should look in a mirror ...

It has been very sad to watch the Coca-Cola Company turn on its own Heritage and use Our Money to attack Southern Heritage. Many like myself have always though very highly of Coke, but the recent efforts by Coke to support the theft of Our State Flag in Georgia was cause for re-valuating support for this company.

In this writers opinion, the company does not justify our support. In fact it has not for some time. Part of the fault lies with American Society today, where we allow major corporations to stray from their corporate purposes and do not hold them accountable for their corporate actions.

Today, Coke takes an active role (see Georgia Business PAC) in attacking Southern Heritage. They use our money to slander our grandkid's birthright. But before going around attacking our heritage Coke needs to take a look in a mirror, ... Coke needs to take a look at their own corporate heritage:

Maybe they do not like Southern Heritage because of the number of our Founding Fathers that were Southern. Maybe they do not like Southern Heritage because the author of The Declaration of Independence was Southern.

Looks to me like the Coca-Cola Company lost its way some years ago, so I am no longer surprised by their desire to remove Southern symbols.

I am disappointed that I supported Coke for many years. It has been easy to correct that and actually enjoy my RC  and Bubba Cola now.

Wonder what else lies in the Coca-Cola Company's  corporate heritage? Lets see, the Congress Critters crucified Trent Lott for some kind words at a man's 100th Birthday Party, shouldn't the PC police be demanding that all Coke signs be removed everywhere? 

Strange how they pick & choose their targets isnt it? Well at least the Coca-Cola Company will not be using my money for their future endeavors.


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