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Boycott Scalla-Cola ... er

Welcome to the "Stop the Anti-Southern Business" section ...

The Southern Party of Georgia would like to welcome you to the latest addition to our web-siteand active projects to begin restoring good government. This will be an effort to address the unholy and corrupt influence that manyof our large globalist corporations have on our political process.

The most blatant example is of course the State Flag issue in Georgia, although as we will seeover the coming months, there are many similar issues. This goal of this effort is to expose the hypocrisy of these actions to thecorporate stockholders in an effort to minimize this unholy and unjust influence.

This is also an effort that should span our whole country and participants throughout the landare invited to join. In fact our success depends on this effort gaining support throughout the country. Over the next few days wewill repost, here in one place, several articles containing information on some of these companies. 

Those who would like to volunteer on providing similar informative reports or who haveknowledge and experience in stockholders meetings please contact Mike Crane at:

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