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The Truth about Coke being presented ...

One Georgian disgusted with the actions of the Coca-Cola Company is presenting a speech in a Business Communications class on the facts about Coke. I hope that you will find the speech outline interesting ...

The Coca-Cola Company

1) Common stock price at the market close on Friday, March 7 was $52.38 per share.

2) The company has 9,023,000,000 shares outstanding for a market cap of 472 billion 600 million dollars.

3) Coca- Cola was invented by John Pemberton in 1886.

4) He was a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Confederate States military.

5) In its first year, the company sold about 9 glasses per day for .05 cent per glass.

6) Pemberton died after selling Coke.

7) In 1893, the current Coca-Cola logo that was created by Pemberton was registered in the U.S. Patent office.

8) In 1894, the first plant outside Atlanta was opened in Houston.

9) In 1906, the company went outside the U.S borders and opened a plant in Cuba and Panama.

10) 3 million Cokes sold per day in 1917. It had become the world�s most recognized trademark.

11) In 1919, Coke is sold again to a group of investors for 25 million dollars.

12) 6 million Cokes per day sold in 1925.

13) The company had its first radio advertisement in 1927.

14) 1928 saw the first year that bottled Coke surpassed fountain sales.

15) In 1940, Coke is bottled in over 40 countries.

16) In 1961, Sprite was introduced.

17) In 1982, Diet Coke hit the market.

18) 1993 saw the year that Coke exceeds 10 billion cases sold worldwide.

19) 2000- The company, along with others, urges the governor of Georgia and many legislators to change Georgia�s flag. 

20) 2001-Joins business PAC (political action committee) to provide campaign funds for those "vulnerable" politicians who went along with Governor Barnes in changing our state flag. Coke gave $15,000 to this PAC.

21) As of Oct. 5, 2002, the business PAC had given a total of $142,000 to the campaigns of legislators who voted to change our state flag. Governor Barnes had collected nearly 20 million and spent over 16 million.

22) November 2002, Coke is still here but Barnes, 10 Senators, and 26 Representatives who received those PAC contributions are no longer with us in government.

23) 2003-Coke denies that all the money they gave went just to those politicians that voted to change our state flag. However, they have been unable to prove otherwise and all public records state they did. They gave no money to Sonny Perdue but after he was elected they immediately helped pay for his inauguration expenses.

24) The company still doesn�t want the citizens of this state to vote on our flag fearing a backlash of the tourist industry of Atlanta. However, last year this company had its annual meeting in New York City and will have their annual meeting this year in Houston. Apparently, they really care nothing for the Atlanta tourist industry or they would be having those meeting here in this state.

25)  Conclusion- Corporations such as coke, who have forgotten their roots and those who helped make them who they are, will do anything to make a buck regardless of whom they stomp on in the process or how many lies they tell in the process.

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