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Letters & petitions sent to Coke Board of Directors

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to thank each and ever one of you who have made the commitment to discontinue the use of Coke products until this issue is settled. The letters and copies of the petitions are being sent to the Board of Directors. The first ones have arrived and the others are coming. Turns out that it takes quite a while to print all of the petition signatures. We would also like to thank all of those who participated in the drafting of the letter.

No longer will corporations be able to use YOUR money to force a politically correct agenda upon your grandchildren and insult you at the same time.

If there is not a satisfactory answer within ten days, then it is time to start flagging Cokeboycott coke facilities. The distribution of Boycott Coke yard signs has already started and the initial targets are being picked. This is practice for their annual stockholders meeting.

Things to do:

1) Copy, download or write your own letter to the Coke Board of Directors. The names of each are located at: Spotlight on Coke, Board of Directors ... (use address from letter)

2) Order and display a Boycott Coke yard sign, click . Or send a contribution to help buy more of these yard signs. We will need a lot of them when we start flagging Coke facilities. You can send a contribution to:

Southern Party of Georgia
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia 30560

note: these will be considered subject to Georgia campaign finance reporting, we are totally legal. Please include occupation and employer if applicable.

3) Redouble the effort to spread the word about Coke's desecration of Southern Heritage and buying political influence with YOUR money. Click here to pass the word on about the:

The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out  of Politics Petition

Lets get more signatures!

We would also like to thank Bill Swann who has a paper petition effort in process and has also sent Coke petition signatures and a letter. Will post Bill's letter next.


Douglas N. Daft
Chairman, Board of Directors, and Chief Executive Officer
The Coca-Cola Company
One Coca-Cola Plaza
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

Dear Mr. Daft:

This letter and the attached petition signatures is being sent to Coke to express our great concern over recent actions of Coke. In fact, the signers of these petitions feel so strongly about this issue that they have made a commitment to discontinue the use of any Coke products.

As you are aware, Coke was invented by a Confederate veteran. Historically Coke relied upon the Proud Heritage of Southerners to increase the sales of Coke products. As a result. Coke became the beverage of choice and one which untold thousands were proud of.

It is with great shock and dismay that an increasing number of your customers are discovering that Coke has inexplicably changed. Coke has not only abandoned its roots, but is now using our money to discriminate against Southern Heritage.

Efforts to discuss this issue with your designated representatives have failed. For example, questioning  the involvement of Coke in the Georgia Business PAC resulted in responses that were basically a denial of documented facts (the Georgia Business PAC records are open public records in Georgia). Even the changing of the information on your flagship product, Coke, from "Confederate veteran" to "civil war veteran" was denied when it is obvious to all on your web site.

In summary, we have sadly drawn the conclusion that Coke is now using our money derived from purchase of your products to further a political agenda that we find abhorrent. We have also concluded that efforts to communicate with Coke through your established representatives will only result in further insulting replies, so this matter is being brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.

It is our opinion that neither your customers, nor your stockholders should be subjected to this abuse of corporate funds. In fact the responsibility for proper use of corporate funds does fall with the Board of Directors and the officers of the Corporation.

The attached former customers, and those who join this effort will simply discontinue the use of your products, continue to spread the word, and be sure that your stockholders are aware until a successful resolution is reached. A successful resolution must include the following:

  • Ending discrimination against Southern Heritage. Coke should provide equal funding for Southern Heritage community events as you do for any other heritage. This should be done in each State which has recognized Southern Holidays by tradition or statute.
  • An analysis of your political contributions over recent years and an equitable sum to achieve parity is arranged.
  • Then, cease and desist any use of corporate funds for political purposes not associated with actual beverage issues.

Should you desire to discuss the above in good faith we can be contacted at 706-374-2640.

For now, we remain your former customers.


Mike Crane
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia, 30560

Encl: Verified electronic petition signatures (The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out  of Politics petition, online at: The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out of Politics Petition (closed))

Cc: Board of Directors (each member)

The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out  of Politics



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