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Georgians show disgust with Coke using their money to buy political influence

Coke is a product many of us grew up with. All of my life, Coke has been my soft drink. It was invented by a Confederate Veteran, Coke was a Southern Company and as far as I was concerned it was the only soft drink of choice.

Then came the shock of my life. I found out that the Coca-Cola Company was using my money, to desecrate Southern Heritage. They were using my money to buy political influence to force political correctness on the people of Georgia and other States as well.

There is no question about the facts, the records of the Georgia Business PAC are a matter of public record and are published on the State of Georgia, Division of Elections campaign disclosure reports. When Coke was contacted they LIED to me and many others.

A report on the Coke flagging follows, click on images for full sized picture.

Flaggers flag COKE? Boycott Coke? This is astonishing!
Apparently, someone at some point provided the flaggers with official coke uniforms, so a  group of flaggers set off for the Coke World Head Quarters in Atlanta to voice their displeasure over Coke sticking their nose's in politics. You are NOT going to believe what the flaggers done here. If we didn't have the pictures to prove it, I wouldn't believe it either. I wished we could have posted more of these pictures of this Coke flagging. They are quite hilarious. What will these people think of next?
When it comes to grass roots, no one, and I mean NO ONE out works the flaggers, who are obviously fearless.
Coke employees across the street from Cokes world Head quarters in Atlanta. Note Coke uniforms.
Across the street, astonished executives from Coke's Human resources department attempts to get their own employees pictures so they will know who to fire, ya think?
Coke being poured on the Barnes Rag? We are told that these disgruntled coke employees, while drinking Pepsi, poured liter after liter of coke down the gutter in plain view of Coke management, watching the entire time.
How many of you know that Coke was invented by a Confederate General? Coke even used Stonewall Jackson to sell their product. Look at this back cover of a 1948 LIFE magazine. This was before Political Correctness began to run amuck. The story relates to "the pause that refreshes", and parallels General Jackson's scheduled resting of his bloody and injured troops.
Coke should have stayed out of the recent flag issue, and now the flaggers vow they will make them pay the price, as they debut their next generation Weapon of Mass political destruction. The flaggers state they will place these signs along side the ones that say George W. Bush LIED, just for some payback, on Coke, and George W. Bush, all at the same time. A double whammy? When the flaggers vowed to put up 100,000 SONNY LIED signs, I had my doubts, but after seeing pictures of stacks and stacks of them, along with BOOT COLEMAN signs, and now this and the George W. Bush LIED signs, I don't doubt them.
Flaggers public schedule  (emailed to us by the flaggers)
October 11th      Cobb County Democratic Party Breakfast from Jos�'s heights  (police permits have been submitted)  the flaggers claim they have something very different planed for the usual Saturday morning October 11th breakfast flagging of the Cobb Democratic party. I know what it is, but can't tell you. But it is definitely different and bound to foil the undercover officers efforts to gather their files.
October 24th      Cobb Democrats Silent Auction Fundraiser
The event will take place at the Smyrna Community Center, beginning with a covered dish dinner at 6 p.m. The auction will run from 7-9 p.m. Celebrity auctioneers will include former Governor Roy Barnes and several state legislators.(would have to ALL be scalawags) A police permit HAS been obtained to flag this event!
November 8th    Cobb County Democratic party Breakfast  from Jos�'s heights  (police permits have been submitted)
from your pals at the Georgia Political Underground


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